ASAIC24 – Expense Reimbursement for Volunteer Leaders

May 16, 2024

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: For all 2024-2025 Board of Governors, Discipline Committee Officers and Members At-Large.

Volunteer leaders planning to attend the 2024 ASA International Conference must submit an Expense Report for reimbursement by October 17, 2024.

Expense Report

Expense Reimbursement Policy

Important Note: It is imperative that you thoroughly review ASA’s latest Expense Reimbursement Policy and Expense Report. Paying close attention to sections about per diem travel and guidelines on flight coverage.

Specifically, for ASAIC24:

  • Hotel: One (1) night (Saturday, September 14) hotel room will be billed to the ASA master account. You’ll be responsible for any remaining nights.
  • Meals: Meals and incidentals on the first and last day of travel (less meals provided by ASA).
  • Air Travel: You are responsible for booking your own flights. ASA will reimburse you up to a total of $385 toward the cost of your airline ticket.*
    • Expenses such as seat upgrades for additional legroom, priority boarding, enhanced seating arrangements or entertainment will not be reimbursed.
    • ASA does not cover priority boarding, traveler’s insurance, extra baggage fees, car services, limos, etc.
  • Reimbursement: It is mandatory to furnish itemized receipts with line-item amounts for both hotel accommodations and airfare when submitting your Travel Expense Report for reimbursement.
  • Speakers: If you are a speaker at the Conference, Lisa Perry will be in contact with you with additional information.

*Any special requests outside of ASA’s Travel reimbursement Policies requires approval of ASA’s CEO prior to any reservations being made.

Questions? Contact Lissah Michalski at or (703) 733-2123.