MTS [June 3rd] Don't Miss the 13th Annual ASA Equipment Valuation Conference

May 17, 2024

Don't Miss Out!

The Equipment Valuation Conference is the ultimate hub for cutting-edge insights in equipment valuation. Industry experts will share their insights on current market conditions offering 11 hours of CE that will be sure to enhance your appraisal toolbox. 

Keynote Address: Threats and Opportunities to US Global Leadership
Does the United States still have the capability and the will to remain a global superpower? The international system has changed dramatically since the end of the Cold War when the US was the lone great power in the world. Today, we are confronting three revisionist powers – China, Russia, and Iran – these authoritarian regimes are simultaneously seeking to weaken America’s influence and alter the rules governing free trade, democratic governance, and the sanctity of sovereign borders. Now is not the time for the United States to ignore the dangerous challenges facing us and our allies. Otherwise, our children will live in a world dominated by ruthless dictators whose beliefs are hostile to every sacred principle this great nation has stood for over the past two hundred years. I will assess the challenges and offer potential strategies for the United States to confront these new and rising threats.

State of the Construction Equipment Economy
The State of the Construction Equipment Economy will review findings based on various surveys conducted, an in-depth review of customers' fleets, an analysis of valuation and used market trends, and insights based on an understanding of how broader trends in the construction industry impact equipment owners and operators. 

The AI Revolution In Appraisal: Adapt Now or Be Left Behind
Explore the transformative world of AI and its impact on the appraisal industry, exploring how it's reshaping current practices and carving out new future possibilities. This session will blend insightful explorations with practical applications of AI, equipping you with actionable strategies to elevate your appraisal work. Embrace this journey to position yourself at the forefront of industry innovation, unlocking new levels of professional growth and competitive edge. 

Collateral Asset Management an Equipment Finance Perspective
Don't miss this comprehensive overview of collateral asset management within the equipment finance realm. Session highlights include a concise comparison between Asset Managers and Appraisers, shedding light on our selection criteria and rationale; insights into how Asset Managers perceive and utilize M&E appraisals; the critical role of communication and continuity in the realm of appraisals; and a discussion on best practices in collateral asset management. 

State of the Corporate Aircraft Space

Applying the Income Approach to Power Generation Appraisal
This presentation will review the three approaches to value with a concentration on the income approach to value. 

Dairy Cheese & Machinery - Then and Now
Learn more about dairy and cheese processing equipment in this session which will emphasize how current technology has evolved using methodologies existing for many decades.

Marine and Offshore Assets: An Appraisal Perspective
Explore the unique considerations and challenges of valuation in the maritime and offshore energy markets. Learn how DLS Marine approaches asset appraisal and business valuation for clients in the marine transportation, shipyard, offshore oil and gas and offshore wind segments. The presentation will touch on the distinctive skills and technology employed in the inspection of large industrial assets in demanding marine environments.