Dennis Webb Honored with 2024 ASA Lifetime Achievement Award

June 2, 2024

ASA proudly announces Dennis Webb as a recipient of the esteemed 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Recognized for his exceptional dedication, unwavering commitment, and outstanding contributions to both ASA and the broader appraisal profession, Dennis Webb emerges as a distinguished recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. This accolade is reserved for individuals who exemplify steadfast involvement and loyalty, showcasing a minimum of 25 years of membership with the ASA or its reciprocal equivalent, and a minimum age of 70 years.

Dennis Webb, an esteemed accredited, dual-designated senior appraiser, serves as Principal of Primus Valuations® in Denver, CO and Los Angeles, CA. Beginning this phase of his career in 1988, Dennis has carved a remarkable path in the business of holding and operating real estate, allocating value to special-use real estate and business valuation, and other multidisciplinary undertakings. His expertise extends to bringing understanding, clarity, collaboration and technology to bear on the valuation of hard-to-value asset interests. Dennis brings his extensive experience to the profession with “Valuing Fractional Interests in Real Estate 2.0,” a complete upgrade of the valuation process for LLC, LP and common tenancy interests. He has also developed the online “PrimusPVX®, your Partner Value Expert,” the first-of-its-kind fractional interest valuation application. A stalwart member of ASA since 1996 and a past president of the Los Angeles Chapter, Dennis Webb embodies excellence in his field.

The formal recognition of Dennis Webb’s illustrious career will take place during the Annual International Awards Luncheon, scheduled at the 2024 ASA International Conference on Monday, September 16, from 12:30-1:30 pm PT in Portland, OR.