ASA Announces Liza D. Bowersox, ASA, as 2024-2025 Business Valuation Discipline Committee Member-At-Large

July 2, 2024

ASA proudly announces the election of Liza D. Bowersox, ASA, as a Committee Member-At-Large of ASA’s BV Discipline Committee for the 2024-2025 term.

Liza D. Bowersox, ASA, has been a member of ASA since 2016 and has held several prominent volunteer roles within the organization, reflecting her commitment to advancing the profession. She is the past Chair of the Business Valuation Webinar Subcommittee, Member of the International Conference Committee, Member At-Large of the Business Valuation Discipline Committee, Member of the Nominating & Awards Subcommittee, and Member of the NICE Method Users Group. Additionally, Liza has served as Chapter Vice President of the Richmond Chapter (now dissolved).

Outside of ASA, Liza Bowersox, ASA, has over 20 years of experience in valuations across a wide variety of industries, including financial services, infrastructure, real estate, health care, consumer goods, retail services, professional services, cyber risk, construction, insurance, automotive, logistics, pharma/life science, advanced manufacturing, and software. Before joining Weaver, she was the Founder and Managing Director with Artemis Valuation and Advisory for three years. Liza has issued valuation opinions for numerous purposes, such as estate and gift tax planning, buy/sell planning and administration, shareholder redemption, corporate planning, issuance of equity in limited liability companies and limited partnerships, investor due diligence, fair value for financial reporting purposes (ASC 350, 805, 718, and 820), and valuation of complex securities (warrants, options, profit units, SAFEs, convertible debt, preferred stock). She also provides litigation support and has testified in federal court cases concerning lost profits and economic damages. Liza holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and government from the University of Virginia.