Reaccreditation of the AM and ASA Designations

All designated members of ASA are required to submit evidence of professional growth through continuing education and participation in professional activities every five (5) years in order to maintain their Accredited Member (AM) and Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) designations.  

Prior to beginning your reaccreditation process, please review the information below and within ASA's Reaccreditation Guide.

Accessing Your Reaccreditation Information

The reaccreditation process is 100% online.  View your reaccreditation progress, renew your designation, and print a copy of your reaccreditation certificate all on ASAʼs website.  Simply:

  1. Be sure you are logged in to the website - select "My Account" in the top right corner
  2. Select "My Credit Reporting" to view your current credit totals and/or to report credits you have earned
  3. After your credits have been entered, select "My Credentials" and then select the "Reaccredit Now"* button to complete your reaccreditation application
  4. After your payment has been processed ($275) you will receive a confirmation and receipt for your records
*The "Reaccredit Now" button will not appear until you have entered the required number of credits to complete your reaccreditation.  In addition, this button will only appear one (1) year before your due date.  

    Definitions–These are Important!

    Continuing education (CE) is defined as time spent learning (whether in a face-to-face class, through an online class/webinar, at a conference, etc.). CE is earned only when the individual member is learning as a student.

    Professional activities (PA) is defined as time spent in instruction, giving speeches, participation in educational programs (other than as a student), publishing articles and/or other literary contributions to the appraisal profession, and other organizational contributions.

    Full Reaccreditation*

    One hundred (100) credit hours are required to earn a full five (5) year reaccreditation renewal. Credit hours must be earned within a five (5) year reaccreditation period and may not be carried over.

    A minimum of forty (40) percent of the required hours earned must be obtained in the category of CE. This includes the minimum Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) continuing education requirement.

    The remaining sixty (60) percent of the required hours may either be earned in the PA category, or they may be earned in the CE category.

    *Please Note:  While the standard reaccreditation period is five (5) years, a shorter reaccreditation period is available if you do not have enough hours for a full five- (5) year renewal. Please contact the credentialing team for more information.

    Reaccreditation Documentation

    After completing your online reaccreditation application, you will need to maintain your completed certificates/ forms/letters/transcripts/etc. documenting all your hours earned for all CE and PA activities. Documentation should be retained for a minimum of five (5) years after your reaccreditation application is submitted in case of an audit or a question by ASAʼs Board of Examiners.


    USPAP is updated by the Appraisal Foundation every two (2) years. All ASA members must practice in accordance with the current edition of USPAP and are responsible for reviewing newly released editions of USPAP, noting updates in the “Revisions to USPAP and USPAP Advisory Opinions” sections and making changes in their practices and reports as necessary. To be acceptable to ASA, all USPAP courses must be taken from an Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB)-approved instructor.

    Review your discipline's USPAP continuing education requirements.  

    Mandatory Reaccreditation Statement

    The following is a reminder from ASA's Principles of Appraisal Practice and Code of Ethics:

    All Designated appraisers shall state in each report "ASA has a mandatory reaccreditation program for all of its Designated Members.  "I am" or "I am not" in compliance with that Program."