MTS Journal

1988  •  Volume 02  •  Issue 1

This issue is part of ASA's Journal of Technical Valuation Series. It covers rock & gravel properties, no ad valorem for idled rigs in Texas, feeder cattle appraisals, insurance valuation considerations, valuing marine yachts, mines, quarries, and more.
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Articles from this Issue

From the Chairman

News from ASA’s Machinery and Technical Specialties Committee.
PAGE 2 Barry K. Van Sandt, ASA

The Deceptive Simplicity of Rock and Gravel Properties

The subtitle of this article might be "Pits for the Unwary." Here are some of the issues that are apt to be misunderstood by people who are unfamiliar with the rock and gravel industry.
PAGE 3 Robert L. Paschall, ASA

No Ad Valorem For Idled Rigs

Effective January 1,1988, rigs stacked (idled and not in use) in Texas waters will be exempt from ad valorem taxes.
PAGE 7 Barry K. Van Sandt, ASA

Feeder Cattle Appraisal - Uniquely Different

The article discusses the aspects of appraising feeder cattle in a feedlot environment, including the importance of physical inspection, understanding relevant factors (location and brands) and using accrued feedbills and other tools.
PAGE 8 Malcolm J. MacDonald

Concept of Value as It Relates to Marine Yacht Appraising

The article discusses the challenges of determining the value of marine yachts and boats for insurance companies, banks, and individuals. It defines the types of values and stresses the importance of being thorough to obtain a defensible value.
PAGE 13 Joseph W. Rodgers, ASA

Insurance Valuation Considerations: Some Specifics

Editor's Note: This article appeared in the November 1987issue of The Journal of Technical Valuation. Due to omissions in the first printing it is reprinted here in its entirety. Our apologies to Mr. Barrow.
PAGE 15 Kal Barrow, ASA

Bibliography - Mines and Quarries

The literature in this field is skimpy. As a result, and as a further result of the fact that the publications vary greatly in their scope and timeliness, statements are made on their relative usefulness to the appraiser.
PAGE 16 Robert H. Paschall, ASA

Technical Bibliography

From Publications of title American Society of Appraisers only.