MTS Journal

1988  •  Volume 02  •  Issue 2

This issue is part of ASA's Journal of Technical Valuation Series. It covers fiberglass hulls and its fair market effects, land appraisal size adjustments, valuing yachts, oil & gas, new technology vs, numerically controlled machinery values, and more.
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Articles from this Issue

From the Chairman

News from ASA’s Machinery and Technical Specialties Committee.
PAGE 2 Barry K. Van Sandt, ASA

Problems Of Blisters on Fiberglass Hulls and Their Effects on Fair Market Value of Yachts

The article discusses the problem of blister formation on the underwater portion of the hull of fiberglass reinforced plastic (F.R.P.) yachts that see service in saltwater.
PAGE 4 Fred J. Struben, ASA, CMS

Method of Valuation Of A Regulated Products Pipeline

How do you solve the valuation problem, i.e., market value of the property by accept able appraisals and procedures? This article shows a methodology with a discussion of each identifiable procedure.
PAGE 11 Max P, Arnold, FASA

Land Appraisal Size Adjustments

The article discusses the importance of considering size differences in the appraisal of land in rural areas. It highlights a phenomenon observed in eastern NC, and provides formulas for adjusting for size differences in land appraisals.
PAGE 18 Atwood Whitman, ASA|RF

U.S. Oil & Gas Reserve Values Bottom?

The article notes the stabilization of oil and gas reserve values and warns against relying solely on the price per equivalent barrel for determining fair market value, citing unreported assets and risks associated with property acquisition.
PAGE 20 Barry K Van Sandt, ASA

Oil & Gas Severance and Production Taxes

This will be a new feature of the Journal of Technical Valuation.