MTS Journal

1988  •  Volume 05  •  Issue 1

The MTS Journal is the LEADING voice for Machinery and Technical Specialties valuers. Published by ASAʼs MTS Committee, the MTS Journal is written both for the appraiser who values equipment and for those who have a professional interest in the subject.
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Articles from this Issue

Editorial Rambling

PAGE 2 Ralph C. Alberti, ASA

Economic Obsolescence

PAGE 3 Alan c. Iannacito, ASA

What SBA wants from an Appraiser

PAGE 6 Alex Cornett, ASA

Chairman's Corner

PAGE 8 John Madge, ASA

Residual Value

PAGE 8 Robert Podwalny, ASA

More Miles

PAGE 10 Leslie H. Miles, Jr., ASA

Value to you or the Buyer?

PAGE 12 Jackie L. Montalvo, ASA

Clarification of "Certified Appraisal Report" Statute

PAGE 14 Commissioner James A. Edmonds, Jr.

Library Sub-Committee

PAGE 17 William F. Jacobs, ASA

Reviewing Appraisals

PAGE 18 Allen D. Bealmear, ASA

Workpaper Documentation

PAGE 22 J.A. Greenman

Timber and Timber Land Appraisals

PAGE 25 Bryon Slack, ASA

The History of Tools: Mills

PAGE 38 Wilke Foundation