MTS Journal

1989  •  Volume 03  •  Issue 1

This issue is part of ASA's Journal of Technical Valuation Series. It covers appraisals of parameters affecting the valuation of software, the floating values of yachts and ships, some methodological problem when valuing oil & gas properties, and more.
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Articles from this Issue

The Editor's Column

A special note from the Editor of ASA’s MTS Journal.
PAGE 2 Robert H. Paschall, ASA

Parameters Affecting The Valuation Of Software

The article discusses the concept of software, both tangible/intangible, and how it's allowed for the growth and advancement of technology over the years. It emphasizes the importance of determining true costs of software development via reliable methods.
PAGE 3 Joel J. Forman

Valuing Oil & Gas Properties: Some Methodological Problems

The article discusses the valuation of oil and gas properties and suggests using discounted cash flow analysis instead of general "rules of thumb" to assign value.
PAGE 18 Charles P. Cartee, Ph.D., SRPA

Yachts And Ships — Floating Values

The article discusses the changing valuation sector of the yacht and commercial ship market and how the lack of proper training and credentials in the field of surveying can lead to inaccurate valuations.
PAGE 23 Capt. E.S. Geary, ASA, F.I. Diag E.

Questions to Which the Answers Are Uncertain

The article discusses the appraisers struggles to value unique properties like limestone quarries due to a lack of standardized classification and empirical data.
PAGE 26 Robert H. Paschall, ASA

From the Chairman

News from ASA’s Machinery and Technical Specialties Committee.
PAGE 28 Barry K. Van Sandt, ASA