MTS Journal

1989  •  Volume 06  •  Issue 2

The MTS Journal is the LEADING voice for Machinery and Technical Specialties valuers. Published by ASAʼs MTS Committee, the MTS Journal is written both for the appraiser who values equipment and for those who have a professional interest in the subject.
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Articles from this Issue

Editorial Rambling

PAGE 2 Ralph C. Alberti, ASA

Chairman's Corner

PAGE 3 Leslie H. Miles, Jr., ASA

More Miles

PAGE 7 Leslie H. Miles, Jr., ASA

Power Wiring and Process Piping

PAGE 11 H. Denis Neumann, ASA

What do You Get at a Seminar

PAGE 18 AlanC.Iannacito,ASA

Determining Condition and Value of Crawler Tractors

PAGE 20 H. Denis Neumann, ASA and Pat D. Higdon, ASA

McFaster, M & E Appraiser (The Conno-Sewer)

PAGE 24 Alan C. Iannacito, ASA

Total Itemization

PAGE 26 Jackie Montalvo, ASA

Condition Observation

PAGE 29 Jackie Montalvo, ASA

Mix Makes the Difference

PAGE 32 Leslie H. Miles, Jr., ASA