MTS Journal

1992  •  Volume 06  •  Issue 1

This issue is part of ASA's Journal of Technical Valuation Series. It covers appraisals of steel & aluminum yachts, economics and the law, price trends, 10 rules for surviving cross-examination, and more.
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Articles from this Issue

From The Editor

A special note from the Editor of ASA’s MTS Journal.
PAGE 2 Kent L. Osbourne, ASA

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing in Surveys & Appraisals of Steel & Aluminum Yachts

This article discusses the importance of determining the remaining thickness of shell plating and framing when surveying a steel or aluminum yacht for a prospective buyer or for insurance or financing purposes.
PAGE 3 Wallace Y. Nisbet, ASA, CMS

Economics and the Law: Quantifying Obsolescence in Production Machinery and Equipment for Ad Valorem Appraisal

This article discusses the concept of obsolescence and its subcategories, its relevance to ad valorem appraisal questions in federal income tax law, and reviews specific cases.
PAGE 9 C.B. McLean, Jr., Esq

Price Trends -Fact and Fallacy

This article presents some facts about price trends and offers a few observations as to their proper and logical uses. The objective is to set forth the limitations of the price trend method - showing necessity for safeguards against criti­cal error.
PAGE 19 Morton P. MacLeod, ASA

Ten Rules for Surviving Cross-Examination

This article discusses ten rules to help you emerge from cross-examination relatively unscathed.
PAGE 29 Kent L. Osborne, ASA

Chairman's Corner

News from ASA’s Machinery and Technical Specialties Committee.
PAGE 31 Leroy A. Ackermann, ASA

Licensing: Good, Bad, or??

The article discusses the licensing of real estate appraisers in the United States, as mandated by the Appraisal Subcommittee of the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act (FIRREA) of 1989.
PAGE 35 John Heath, ASA