MTS Journal

1997  •  Volume 14  •  Issue 3

The MTS Journal is the LEADING voice for Machinery and Technical Specialties valuers. Published by ASAʼs MTS Committee, the MTS Journal is written both for the appraiser who values equipment and for those who have a professional interest in the subject.
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Articles from this Issue

Editor's Corner

A special note from the Editor of ASA’s MTS Journal.
PAGE 2 Jack Washbourn, ASA

Chairman's Perspective

News from ASA’s Machinery and Technical Specialties Committee.
PAGE 3 Jeffrey A. Hutton, ASA

More Miles

This article focuses on the intangible impact on inventory value.
PAGE 5 Leslie H. Miles Jr., ASA

Creditors Victorious As Supreme Court Standardizes Valuation Methods

This article shows that though the issue is narrow and the opinion is short, the ramifications are large for most creditors who face debtors who are in possession of their collateral in bankruptcy.
PAGE 9 Thomas E. McCurnin

MTS Definitions of Value — Why Explanations are Needed

This article examines how these definitions are utilized and how they are estimated by one appraiser.
PAGE 11 Merritt Agabian, FASA

Judge, Jury, Executioner

This article includes a critical guide for anyone who is involved in the performance of appraisals in connection with lease expirations and most of all those engaged as an arbitrating appraiser.
PAGE 21 Robert B. Podwalny, ASA

The US Refining Industry - The Last Half Of The Decade Of The 1990s

This article focuses on considerations when appraising oil refineries.
PAGE 24 Michael J. Remsha, ASA

California Refining Industry Analysis

The intricacies of the refining industry in the United States are complex, and this is especially true in California
PAGE 32 Michael Kollasch