MTS Journal

2007  •  Volume 23  •  Issue 2

The MTS Journal is the LEADING voice for Machinery and Technical Specialties valuers. Published by ASAʼs MTS Committee, the MTS Journal is written both for the appraiser who values equipment and for those who have a professional interest in the subject.
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Articles from this Issue

Editor's Corner

A special note from the Editor of ASA’s MTS Journal.
PAGE 2 Jack Beckwith, ASA

Chairman's Perspective

News from ASA’s Machinery and Technical Specialties Committee.
PAGE 3 R. Lee Robinette, ASA

MTS Governor's Report

Important information and updates from MTS Discipline Governors.
PAGE 4 Jack Washbourn, ASA

How Movies Are Really Made

Insights into how movies are really made from an machinery and equipment appraiser point of view.
PAGE 6 Dale H. Bracken, ASA

The Sun Sets on FAS 13 - Will We be Left in the Dark?

So, what IS going on with FAS 13, anyway? The bankers aren't acting worried. The big appraisal finns aren't acting worried. Should we be?
PAGE 10 Sharon Desfor

Valuing Manufacturers' Secret Weapons Against Costs

What to consider and do when bidding on an appraisal project containing certain secret weapon assets.
PAGE 12 Joel B. Levinson, ASA, CSA

An Overview of Photovoltaic Equipment and Issues Affecting Its Value

The focus of this article is photovoltaic equipment, defined as systems that use semiconducting materials to convert sunlight directly into electricity.
PAGE 16 Catherine J. Rein and Dan Fink

Mobile Homes and Their Value

Mobile homes - personal property or real property?
PAGE 22 H. Denis Neumann, ASA

Boiler Valuation

Insights to help appraisers know what information needs to be gathered for a boiler valuation in a field inspection or requested from the client at a later date.
PAGE 26 Terry L. Duda, RE,, ASA, CEA

Attorney Tricks - Witness Traps: The ABCs of Testifying

An overview of the tricks that lawyer's will play and the traps experts need to learn how to avoid to give succinct and somewhat painless testimony from start to finish.
PAGE 31 Jeffrey W. Brend and J. Denise Arnold