MTS Journal

2009  •  Volume 25  •  Issue 1

This issue is the first to be completely electronic and includes new interactive features. The issue features articles from guests and members on topics such as Future Net Salvage Value of a Tangible Asset, Iowa Curves, and the Banking Liquidity Crisis.
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Articles from this Issue

Editor’s Corner

I welcome you to our first completely electronic issue! We are always looking for ways to modernize and enhance the Journal and going 100% electronic seemed like the next meaningful step.
PAGE 4 Douglas R. Krieser, ASA MRICS

Chairman's Perspective

As this year comes to an end and as my term as MTS Chair will be ending in July, I want to take this time to express my thanks to the MTS Committee and to MTS members for allowing me to serve as MTS Chair for the past year and a half.
PAGE 6 V. Neil Thompson, ASA

Letter from MTS Governor

During the past months since the August International Conference the ASA Executive Leadership has started a number of much needed initiatives designed to strengthen ASA in a very competitive world.
PAGE 7 Jack Washbourn, ASA

Letter from MTS Governor

In 1986, I was appointed the first M&TS discipline chair when the American Society of Appraisers and the M&TS discipline were already fifty-years old.
PAGE 8 Alan C. Iannacito, ASA

Proper Consideration of Future Net Salvage in an Appraisal of Value

Some appraisers have adjusted their indicator of value downward to reflect the present worth of an anticipated (FNS) liability. This article addresses this issue in the context of the appraisal of (TPP).
PAGE 10 Stephen L. Barreca, ASA, CDP, PE

One Appraiser’s Perspective of IMTS 2008

IMTS is one of the largest machinery shows in the world and provides guests with the opportunity to see more than 15k new machine tools, computers, software, components, systems and processes.
PAGE 19 Mark S. Buettner, ASA

Survivor Curves and Equipment Life Expectancy

This article describes the selection of Iowa-type survivor curves and the estimation of equipment life expectancy.
PAGE 21 Richard K. Ellsworth, PE, ASA, CFA

Ethical Challengers for Expert Witnesses

An expert working in an attorney’s world must be vigilant to ensure that his reputation is preserved and his testimony is honest. One of the best ways to avoid mistakes is to learn the business of litigation and understand one’s role in it.
PAGE 28 Phillip Kolczynski

External Obsolescence. Value Change Factor of Industrial Personal Property Entering Secondary Market

Appraising machinery and equipment under the cost approach uses factors to discount reproduction costs to arrive at the market value - physical deterioration, functional and external obsolescence.
PAGE 40 Roman Karpov

The Banking Liquidity Crisis

If you haven’t heard this from your clients yet, you will: “The banking industry in undergoing a liquidity crunch.” What does this mean and how does it affect equipment acquisitions?
PAGE 51 Sharon Desfor, ASA, MRICS

Valuation of Public Utility and Other Property with Limited Earning and Baility - A Commentary

The value of an entity subject to price regulation based on an allowed earnings is mostly made of investment less the accumulated provision for depreciation and the reserve for deferred income taxes.
PAGE 54 John S. Fergusen, PE, ASA, CDP

Electrical Generating Plant Valuation

Over the years, technological advances have altered the operations of the industry, but the physics of generating electricity has not changed.
PAGE 57 Michael J. Remsha, P.E., ASA, CMI

Valuation in Time of Turmoil

It’s not just the manufacturing sector that’s not selling. The used car industry is in the same boat.
PAGE 68 Mike Clark

Appraisal Matters... with Wells Fargo Business Credit & Wholesale Bank

There is some concern in the appraisal community about banker mergers as well as appraisal company mergers—meaning less players on each side of the fence.
PAGE 70 Dave Evans, ASA