MTS Journal

2018  •  Volume 34  •  Issue 1

This issue of the MTS Journal is dedicated to Robert Podwalny, FASA and Life Member, who passed away in mid-April. An education fund has been set up in his honor, and the journal includes a memoriam and information about his life.
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Articles from this Issue

MTS Journal Editorial

A special note from the Editor of ASA’s MTS Journal.
PAGE 4 Brad Hartsburg, ASA, CPPA, CSA

Chairman's Corner

News from ASA’s Machinery and Technical Specialties Committee.
PAGE 7 Samuel Shapiro, ASA

Governor's Bulletin

Important information and updates from MTS Discipline Governors.
PAGE 8 Richard Berkemeier, ASA and David Crick, ASA

In Memoriam - Robert Podwalny, FASA and Life Member

In memory of Robert Podwalny, FASA and Life Member.
PAGE 9 Jack Young, ASA, CPA

Fixtures: Realty or Personalty - “Who Knows”

This article will provide a clearer understanding and definition of the specific types of property that are most often incorrectly classified: Fixtures. Are they real property or are they trade fixtures and therefore personal property?
PAGE 15 Larry L. Perdue, ASA, MVS

Risks and Rewards of Fractional Shares

Fractional ownership has been a useful corporate business tool for more than 20 years. Fractional providers enjoy a remarkable safety record, given the huge number of operations they perform. Learn more about the risks and rewards.
PAGE 27 Amanda Applegate

ASA - RICS Established the Standards for Accredited Valuations

ASA and RICS have attained the status and recognition as the international authorities in the field of professional valuation. Both organizations have expanded their portfolios to include the valuation of commercial marine assets, yachts and ships.
PAGE 30 Captain E.S. Geary, and P. Eng, FRICS, FRINA, RICS Chartered Surveyor (Admiralty & Maritime)

Valuation of Solar Assets

The solar market is experiencing strong growth. Investors, banks, and leasing companies need to determine the appropriate financing rates. The value of a solar project can be done by estimating the power value over 7 years, then discount to present value.
PAGE 37 Christopher Nugent, ASA

What's Hot, What's Not In Equipment Leasing For 2018

Insights into the results of Alta and ELFA's survey of equipment managers and consultants throughout the US regarding the equipment leasing for 2018.
PAGE 41 Carl Chrappa, ASA, MRICS, IFA

Identifying Heavy Equipment and Serial Number Locations

When an appraiser inspects a piece of heavy equipment, how do they know where to find the main serial number and identify it properly?
PAGE 56 Brad Hartsburg, ASA, CPPA, CSA

BREXIT - An Unseaworthy Situation…

A number of commercial operators have or are in the process of removing their ships from the Red Ensign registry to ensure free movement of their vessels within the remaining EU-27 countries.
PAGE 63 Captain E.S. Geary, P. Eng (UK) FRICS, FRINA, RICS Chartered Surveyor (Admiralty & Maritime)

Irontrax Spring 2018 Mining Industry Insight

Insights into the mining industry including the outlook for the oil industry, the increase in coal mining productivity, the EPA plans to roll back fuel efficiency standards, the launching of Responsible Mining Index 2018, and more.
PAGE 67 Joseph Santora, ASA