MTS Journal

2019  •  Volume 35  •  Issue 3

This is Brad Hartsburg's last edition of the MTS Journal as Editor. Lee Danhauer and Zach Rimler have been appointed as the new Editorship team and are looking for interesting articles from readers.
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Articles from this Issue

MTS Journal Editorial

A special note from the Editor of ASA’s MTS Journal.
PAGE 4 Brad Hartsburg, ASA, CPPA, CSA

Chairman’s Corner

News from ASA’s Machinery and Technical Specialties Committee.
PAGE 6 Karen Milan, ASA

Governor’s Bulletin

Important information and updates from MTS Discipline Governors.
PAGE 7 John Mathe, ASA and Sam Shapiro, ASA

Can the Past Predict the Future for Farm Equipment Values?

Those with experience in financial investing are already familiar with the saying, “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.” Does this phrase also apply to the prediction of future equipment values?
PAGE 8 Linda Rader

Business Jet Values Forecasting

Business jets are depreciating assets – but there is far from an accepted approach on how to deal with residual value forecasting.
PAGE 12 Daniel Hall, ASA

Valuation Methodology Considerations for Internationally-flagged and Jones Act Marine Assets

The flag and registry of a vessel can affect value and price, especially when one has to consider between international and national registries.
PAGE 20 Basil M. Karatzas, ASA

3 Red Flags in Machinery & Equipment Appraisal Reports

Author shares shares a quick glimpse into the world of machinery and equipment appraisal review outside of the United States and USPAP.
PAGE 27 Jack Young, ASA-MTS/ARM, CPA

Mining Industry Insight

Insights into mining industry, including the outlook for iron ore prices, the undersea approach to mining, the forecast for strong growth in the market for mining equipment, and more.
PAGE 29 Irontrax, LLC

Valuation of Solar Assets

With the last decade having solar experiencing an average annual growth rate of 50%, here's key tips on solar asset valuation.
PAGE 33 Chris Nugent

Reckoning with Our Past

In memory of ASA member and former International President and MTS Committee Chair, John Connolly, III, ASA.
PAGE 38 Alan C, Iannacito, FASA