MTS Journal

2020  •  Volume 36  •  Issue 2

This issue discusses the uncertainty of 2020 and how it has impacted the economy. It also highlights the importance of appraisers in providing clarity during this time and the resources available to ASA members through the MTS Journal.
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Articles from this Issue

MTS Journal Editorial

A special note from the Editors of ASA’s MTS Journal.
PAGE 4 Zachary Rimler, ASA and Tim Roy, ASA

CEO Update – Moving Forward Despite Pandemic

Spotlighting updates from ASA Headquarters.
PAGE 5 Johnnie White, MBA, CAE, CMP

Chairman’s Corner

Updates from ASA's MTS Committee
PAGE 8 Karen Milan, ASA

Governor’s Bulletin

Important information and updates from MTS Discipline Governors.
PAGE 9 John Mathe, ASA and Sam Shapiro, ASA

Respectfully Submitted Thoughts on Appraisal Best Practices during a World Pandemic or Currently COVID-19

This article is meant to assist all in the MTS appraisal industry by discussing ways and ideas to continue providing credible appraisals to their clients during a global pandemic.
PAGE 11 Shane Miller, ASA and Brad Hartsburg, ASA, CPPA, CSA

Lessons From Italy: the Impact of COVID-19 on the Food and Beverage Industry

From pasta to canned food, a boom in orders for Italian food and beverage companies has driven investments in new technology and digital transformation. What can other countries learn from this?
PAGE 17 Andrea Sella and Rebecca Fuller

Covid 19 Affect on Market Values

The stock market keeps going up, the unemployment rate remains high, the Coronavirus death toll keeps rising, and the market for used machinery remains strong. Where are we – what are the facts – and what does the future hold?
PAGE 21 Mike Clark

Current Marine Asset Pricing Trends, Other than at "Half-pricing"

For a professional in the field of valuation, and specifically in the field of marine appraisals, value-related questions at the age of COVID-19 can be both very practical and also very philosophical at the same time.
PAGE 24 Basil M Karatzas, ASA

Solar Projects and Life Expectancy Measurement

The solar industry considers an alternative metric as the basis for measurement of life expectancy. This article discusses traditional survivor curve-based methods and asset performance characteristics when estimating life expectancy.
PAGE 28 Richard K. Ellsworth, PE, ASA, CFA, CCP

Obsolescence: Form or Function

This article outlines the various forms of functional obsolescence an appraiser will encounter when appraising real property.
PAGE 34 Paul K. Bidwell, MAI, ASA, CCIM

Introduction to Valuing Oil Refineries

Oil refinery appraisals are among the most complicated of all industrial valuations. It is also an industry for which there is a huge amount of statistical data on the crude oil manufacturing processes, and the oil refining business.
PAGE 37 John Lifflander, ASA