MTS Journal

2021  •  Volume 37  •  Issue 2

This issue spotlights the Aircraft Industry. It also discusses the current state of water/wastewater assets in the U.S., Jamaican government-owned sugar cane industry wind farm valuation updates, an introduction to rigging and millwrighting and more.
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Industry Spotlight

Industry Spotlight: Aircraft

This issue features three spotlight articles covering business aviation market intelligence, aircraft and engine lifecycle solutions and the art and science of aircraft valuations.

Business Aviation Market Intelligence

This article provides a comprehensive look at the business aviation industry, using a variety of graphs to illustrate important points.
PAGE 15 Rollie Vincent

Aircraft and Engine Lifecycle Solutions: Caveat Emptor

Older aircraft are currently in demand. Buyers must change their search criteria for older aircrafts which brings additional risk. That risk is hidden in the engine. The financial magnitude of that risk can be 2-3 times the value of the aircraft.
PAGE 22 Delray Dobbins

Aircraft Appraisers: Balancing Art with Science

Aircraft appraisals are “a dark art,” according to one industry insider. We shine a bright light onto aircraft valuations.
PAGE 24 Yves Le Marquand

Articles from this Issue

Letter from the CEO: Trending Upward

Spotlighting updates from ASA Headquarters.
PAGE 8 Johnnie White, MBA, CAE, CMP

Letter from the President

A special note from ASA's International President.
PAGE 9 David Crick, ASA

Letter from the Discipline Governors

Important information and updates from MTS Discipline Governors.
PAGE 10 John Mathe, ASA and Sam Shapiro, ASA

Letter from the MTS Committee Chair

News from ASA’s Machinery and Technical Specialties Committee.
PAGE 12 Bill Engel, ASA

Collaboration of Valuation Disciplines: Assets of Jamaican Government-Owned Sugar Cane Industry

In 2006, a valuation of all government-owned assets of the Jamaican sugar industry was the largest public sector valuation exercise ever conducted. See the process of building a team and creating a process to bid and successfully complete such project.
PAGE 29 Franklin D. Reid, ASA

Wind Farm Valuation Update: A Deeper Dive into the Income Approach for Ad Valorem Taxation

This article provides history and background information and outlines key factors an appraiser should be intimately familiar with and thoroughly consider in the income approach to value when appraising a wind farm for ad valorem tax purposes.
PAGE 39 Clayton T. Baumann, PE, CCP, ASA and Christopher T. Rigo

Oil and Gas Business Personal Property: Slippery Mass Appraisal Fails

This article discusses the particular difficulties and challenges personal property tax situations present to equipment appraisers working in the oil and gas industry.
PAGE 44 Ekta Sharma and Joseph J. Calvanico

The Current State of Water and Wastewater Assets in the United States

This article explores the equipment involved in water infrastructure, identifies the key appraisal inputs, and discusses how an appraiser might best approach its valuation.
PAGE 50 Anthony Festa, ASA

Guidance for Submitting MTS USPAP Demonstration Reports – Mentoring Opportunity

This article discusses important guidelines and critical points that must not be overlooked in the process of writing and submitted an MTS report.
PAGE 54 Karen Milan, ASA, CEA

Economic Obsolescence Lessons from the Pandemic Period

This article discusses an approach to quantifying economic obsolescence during the COVID-19 pandemic for nonwoven fabric production. The considerations addressed may apply to other industries and are not necessarily limited to pandemic conditions.
PAGE 56 Ran Greenberg, ASA

Wind Projects and Life Expectancy Trends

This article discusses recent trends in understanding wind project life expectancy from developers, operators, owners, and investors.
PAGE 59 Richard K. Ellsworth, PE, ASA, CFA, CCP

M&E Marketplace Insights: Introduction to Rigging and Millwrighting

This interview provides an overview of equipment used and services provided for rigging and millwrighting and speaks specifically to the valuation of auction-purchased equipment that has been moved to a warehouse and not yet installed.
PAGE 63 Courtney Malott interviewed by Tim Roy, ASA