MTS Journal

2022  •  Volume 38  •  Issue 2

This issue spotlights the Renewable Energy Industry. It also discusses liquified natural gas, pathways to a zero emission mining industry in Australia, brokering an M&E-Intensive Business, and warbird, yacht, and food processing equipment appraisals.
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Industry Spotlight

Industry Spotlight: Renewable Energy

This issue spotlights Renewable Energy and features four articles covering renewable energy projects, gasification of wastewater sludge, offshore wind power and the second part of the Useful Life Study update featuring data from the renewables industry.

Renewable Energy Projects and Entrepreneurial Incentive

As part of their development efforts, renewable energy project sponsors expect to receive a return in the form of entrepreneurial incentive for dedicating the financial resources and assuming the risk associated with developing these projects.
PAGE 13 Richard K. Ellsworth, PE, ASA, CFA, CCP

Gasification of Wastewater Sludge

An overview of waste remediation and the opportunities for gasification technology, with specific discussion of new technology available from Ecoremedy.
PAGE 17 Josh George, ASA

Offshore Wind Power

Along with a historical overview of wind power, this article addresses the complexities of turbines, the economic development forecast, and some additional educational resources.
PAGE 20 Norm Laskay, ASA; NAMS-CMS

Estimated Normal Useful Life Study Update, Part 2: with Sample of Data Specific to the Renewables Industry

This is the Part II of an update of the Estimated Normal Useful Life Study prepared by the Machinery & Technical Specialties (MTS) Committee is currently in process.
PAGE 23 Ryan Kinahan, ASA, CPA and Achin Chugh, ASA

Articles from this Issue

Letter from the CEO: Qualifications Matter

Spotlighting updates from ASA Headquarters.
PAGE 6 Johnnie White, MBA, CAE, CMP

Letter from the President

A special note from the ASA International President.
PAGE 7 David Crick, ASA

Letter from the Discipline Governors

Important information and updates from MTS Discipline Governors.
PAGE 8 John Mathe, ASA and Sam Shapiro, ASA

Letter from the MTS Committee Chair

News from ASA’s Machinery and Technical Specialties Committee.
PAGE 9 Bill Engel, ASA

Provenance and Warbird Values

This article discusses the appraisal concept of provenance as it applies to aircraft, and specifically how provenance can be researched and verified for valuing “off-book” aircraft which are not listed/covered any price/value guide.
PAGE 27 Jeremy R.C. Cox, NSCA, ASA

Mining Decarbonisation – Pathways to a Zero Emission Mining Industry in Australia

This article addresses the specific challenges and opportunities the Australian mining industry faces in reducing carbon intensity.
PAGE 30 Steve Wall, ASA

Food Processing Machinery and Equipment Markets and Valuation

In appraising food processing machinery for asset-based lending situations, this article addresses how the market determines values, how appraisers can best assess the market for particular equipment, and how research can be properly evaluated.
PAGE 35 Otto W. Cuyler, Jr.

Yacht Appraisal: Valuing a Boat after Significant Damage Has Been Repaired

This article discusses the factors that yacht appraisers should consider in reaching such a conclusion.
PAGE 38 Stephen Knox, ASA

Report Writing, From Good to Great: Part 2 – Appraisal Problems that Come Alive

This article explores how to grab and hold the attention of a report’s intended users by integrating the elements of the appraisal problem with basic storytelling techniques that were discussed in Part 1 of this series, “Writing the Appraisal Story.”
PAGE 42 Jack Young, ASA, CPA

Liquified Natural Gas: Is Economic Obsolescence Likely to Vaporize Value?

By completing a valuation of a newly delivered LNGC, this article investigates whether economic obsolescence is already present and how this can be appropriately presented to the banking client.
PAGE 52 Nollaig Daly, AM

M&E Marketplace Insights: Brokering an M&E-Intensive Business

This interview focuses on how appraisers – through valuing assets and by serving in an advisory role – can help buyers and sellers of M&E-intensive businesses mitigate risk during an acquisition.
PAGE 59 Ed Mysogland Interviewed by Tim Roy, ASA