MTS Journal

2022  •  Volume 38  •  Issue 3

This issue spotlights the Plastics Machinery Industry. It also provides techniques in mass appraisals and industrial valuation by componentization; and discusses the appraising yachts, aircraft's rising value, and the 'Circular Economy'.
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Industry Spotlight

Industry Spotlight: Plastics

This issue spotlights the plastics machinery industry featuring three articles discussing trends in the plastics industry, plastics recycling and MTS Normal Useful Life Study featuring data on plastics production.

Plastics Recycling

This article discusses the process flow of plastics recycling and includes a table pinpointing the information an appraiser should collect during inspection.
PAGE 13 David Pietig, ASA, CEA, Senior appraiser, B. Riley Advisory Services

Plastics Equipment Industry Trends Q&A

This interview with Kenneth Heyse provides a brief introduction to typical plastics equipment, recent and current market trends, and other insights for appraisers and stakeholders to be aware of in relation to the industry.
PAGE 17 Kenneth Heyse, ASA, President and Managing Director at Plastics One, Interviewed by Achin Chugh, ASA, KPMG Valuation

Estimated Normal Useful Life Study: A Refreshed Format and a Sample of Data Specific to Plastics Production Equipment

The MTS Committee is currently updating the Estimated Normal Useful Life Study. This article provides the history of the study and guiding principles of the update process and a sample compilation of data specific to the renewables industry.
PAGE 21 Ryan Kinahan, ASA, CPA, RK Valuation Advisory LLC and Achin Chugh, ASA, KPMG Valuation

Articles from this Issue

Letter from the CEO: Spotlighting Aircraft Valuation

Spotlighting updates from ASA Headquarters.
PAGE 7 Johnnie White, MBA, CAE, CMP, Chief Executive Officer/Executive Vice President, ASA

Letter from the International President

A special note from the ASA International President.
PAGE 8 Richard A. Berkemeier, ASA

Letter from the Discipline Governors

Important information and updates from MTS Discipline Governors.
PAGE 9 Sam Shapiro, ASA, and Ryan Kinahan, ASA, CPA

Letter from the MTS Committee Chair

News from ASA’s Machinery and Technical Specialties Committee.
PAGE 11 Bill Engel, ASA

Appraising Yachts: Upgrades

This article addresses typical yacht maintenance and upgrade expenses and their potential effects on market value.
PAGE 25 Stephen Knox, ASA, Knox Marine Consultants

Techniques in Mass Appraisals

This article discusses the challenge of an enormous mass appraisal project: inventorying and valuing all government assets for insurance purposes.
PAGE 28 Ran Greenberg, ASA, Greenberg Machine Tools Ltd.

The Iconic Bridgeport Mill: Part 1

A history, discussion, and personal appreciation of the iconic Bridgeport mill, perhaps the world’s most popular and well-known milling machine.
PAGE 31 Michael A. Salvadore Jr., ASA, President, Kingfish Capital Advisors

Aircraft Values Climb Again, Despite Economic Jitters

This article examines the current, complex aviation market with special attention to the current economy, fuel prices, and demand and supply of aircraft.
PAGE 36 Jason Zilberbrand, ASA, MNAA, CAA, ISA AM, AOA AM, MRAeS, President and CTO, VREF, Inc.

Where Does Used Equipment Sales and Management Fit in the Circular Economy?

This article explores how, as specialists, we should be aware of the challenges we are facing and more.
PAGE 40 Tim Chapman, FRICS, Director and Capital Asset Management Lead, Hickman Shearer

Development of Asset Life Estimates

This article discusses the development of asset service life estimates for appraisal purposes.
PAGE 43 Richard K. Ellsworth, PE, ASA, CFA, CCP

Industrial Valuation by Componentization

This article explains how componentization can be used within the cost approach to value.
PAGE 47 Rosendo Díaz, ASA, CEO, Asesores y Consultores Rosger and Gerardo Díaz, Project Manager and International Representative, Asesores y Consultores Rosger

White Oil

This article addresses the current demand and supply for lithium, with discussion of what lithium is and is not, the international politics involved in its supply and regulation, and its use in the marine equipment industries.
PAGE 51 Norm Laskay, ASA, Of Counsel, DLS Marine Survey & Appraisal