MTS Journal

2023  •  Volume 39  •  Issue 3

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Articles from this Issue

ASA CEO Update: Why Join ASA?

ASA CEO Johnnie White gives an update on ASA and ways that you can help spread the word about joining ASA.
PAGE 5 Johnnie White, ASA CEO

Letter from the Discipline Governor

An update from the MTS Discipline Governor, Ryan Kinahan.
PAGE 6 Ryan Kinahan, ASA, CPA

Letter from the MTS Chair and MTS Education Update

News from ASA’s Machinery and Technical Specialties (MTS) Committee and updates on MTS classes, conferences and events, Jamie Allen, Richard Ellsworth.
PAGE 7 Jamie Allen, ASA, Executive Vice President, Newmark Valuation and Advisory, Chair, MTS Discipline Committee & Rick Ellsworth, ASA, Chair, MTS Education Subcommittee

Factors to Consider when Appraising Utility or Pax Transport Helicopters

To invest wisely in helicopters, you must consider all factors impacting depreciation, not just physical wear and tear.
PAGE 10 Gérard Deterne, ASA, CEO, PTERON Valuations sas

Assessing Physical Deterioration for Cost Approach Analysis

This article explores methods for assessing equipment's physical deterioration during inspections, a crucial factor in determining its value.
PAGE 15 Ran Greenberg, ASA, Manager, Principal Appraiser, Greenberg Machine Tools

Basic Comp Adjustment Techniques

This article presents four simple adjustment techniques that appraisers may build upon and tailor to their own assignments, emphasizing the subjective nature of appraising and that the appraiser’s judgment affects every step of the process.
PAGE 19 Tim Roy, ASA, Senior Appraiser, Capitale Analytics, Vice Chair, MTS Discipline Committee

Appraising Spray-Dry Equipment

Beginning with a brief overview of spray-dry technology, this article touches on the different considerations of appraising spray-dry facilities.
PAGE 25 Jack Young, ASA, Principal, NorCal Valuation Inc.

Life Measures and the Appraisal Process

This article discusses commonly used life measures and techniques in the context of the appraisal process.
PAGE 28 Richard K. Ellsworth, ASA

From Runway to Runaway: How the Aircraft Market Lost Its Mojo

Like many asset types, aircraft values have leveled off in 2023 from the heights of the prior two years. The author summarizes the economic factors contributing to this trend, and reviews recent market activity for specific aircraft types.
PAGE 32 Jason Zilberbrand, ASA, President & CTO, VREF

Best Practices for Economic Obsolescence Measurement - Part Two

This second part of a four-part series considers one component of the cost approach to appraise special-purpose industrial and commercial machinery and equipment (M&E).
PAGE 37 Robert F. Reilly, ASA, Managing Director, Willamette Management Associates