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Harold Lindsay, ASA, MGA



Contact Information:
3665 Kingsway, Suite 300
Vancouver, BC Z5R 5W2
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1 (604) 771-7794

Appraiser Profile:
Biographical Background and Qualifications

Harold Lindsay, G.G. (GIA),
Master Gemologist Appraiser, ASA
Accredited Senior Gemologist (AGA)
Certified Appraiser Professional, Canadian Jewellers Association

   Goldsmith apprentice, Celini Jewellers,  Montreal, Que
   1974 – 1978
   Gemological Institute of America, Santa Monica, CA, USA
   1978 – 1979 
   Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) Diploma, in residence
   Jewelry Design Program Diploma, in residence.
   Registered Master Valuer Program, (RMV), Vancouver Community College 2010
   Received Registered Master Valuer certificate, ref #0 0907 10144
   C.A.P. (Certified Appraisal Professional) – Canadian Jewellers Association 2011

 Imperial Gem Lab Ltd., AGA Certified Gemological Laboratory #48
 300 - 3665 Kingsway,
 Vancouver, B.C., V5R 5W2
 Founder, Gemologist and appraiser
 Telephone: 604-771-7794

 Canadian Jewellers Association, CAP
 National Association of Jewelry Appraisers
 Accredited Gemological Association, Senior Gemologist Appraiser
 American Society of Appraisers, ASA, Master Gemologist Appraiser
 G.I.A. Alumni Association, G.G.