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George R. LeBaron, ASA



Contact Information:
804 Calle Lagasca
Chula Vista, CA 91910
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1 (619) 942-0501

Appraiser Profile:

CV-CURRICULUM VITAE:  George LeBaron     DATE:  1 Jan. 2016

·       Current Position:  ASA-Senior Marine Appraiser/NAMS-Marine Surveyor 25 yrs (LLC LEBARON MARINE APPRAISALS)

·       Professional Education and Training

1.    MBA Chapman, Ca.; BS Engineering NPGS Monterey, Ca. ; BA Industrial Science Fresno State, Ca.

2.    Tested and Certified by ASA Senior Marine Appraiser and NAMS Marine Surveyor in date and required CE certification every 2 yrs.  Held certifications for over 20 yrs and in date at this time.

3.    Hold 2 USCG License and renew every 5 yrs: Master 1600 ton  & Chief Engineer unlimited.  Both Licenses in date.

·       Government Service: US  Navy 24 yrs Naval Officer; Navy Civilian Port Engineer 26 yrs

·       Employment history: Above USN military and civilian; LeBaron Marine Appraisals LLC. 25yrs

·       Continued Education: Item 2 above explains required annual review of specific areas of training in the Marine Inspection and appraisal fields

·       Expert Witness: Each year have 1 or 2 testimony/deposition cases  and 10 per year of Expert Consulting cases.  Each area has been over 20yrs.  Cases were property settlement divorce, deaths, and unsatisfactory marine repairs.

·       Teaching /Training: San Diego POC for Marine Surveyors & Appraisers.  Presently Have 4 Marine Surveyors and 1 Appraiser under my sponsorship. Capt Dean Ford, Capt Joe Darlac, Hugo Carver and Doug Foote)

·       Personal and Family: Married 53yr, 4 grown children and 9 grandchildren.   Live with wife in Chula Vista for 18yrs.


1.    EMAIL:

2.    Phone: cell smart ph 619-942-0501

3.    FAX: 619-482-4553

4.    WEB PAGE: