Antique Jewelry’s Reel-to-Real Appeal

January 7, 2024

Popular period dramas offer a glittering display of fabulous pieces that are enticing new audiences to buy and collect.

When Bridgerton came out on Netflix in 2020, it joined the ranks of period dramas that have piqued the public’s interest in fabulous jewels from historical eras.

“Period dramas are wonderful for their ability to introduce future collectors to the world of antique and vintage jewelry,” states Suzanne Martinez, co-owner of Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry in San Francisco, California. “They add to the mystique of antique pieces because they help the client visualize a historical context: the jewelry and the types of people who would have worn them. After all, that is one of the most alluring parts of collecting antique and vintage jewelry — imagining all the stories that a piece was part of before it came to you.”

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