ASA Releases New Updated Estimated Normal Useful Life Study

March 6, 2024

The Machinery & Technical Specialties Committee at ASA is proud to announce the release of the updated version of its Estimated Normal Useful Life Study, originally published in 2010. The 2024 edition has been meticulously crafted to address the dynamic technological landscape that characterizes various industries and the diverse range of assets encountered by equipment appraisers.

The study aims to empower appraisers in estimating normal useful lives (NULs) for commonly appraised assets, offering valuable insights and commentary to guide them in reaching well-informed conclusions. Building upon the foundation laid in the original study, the MTS Committee members have not only modernized but also enriched the guidance, considering the significant changes that have occurred since the initial publication.

This comprehensive update incorporates feedback from industry experts, ensuring that the NUL ranges are reflective of the latest developments. Accessible exclusively to ASA members, the revised study is now available for download on ASA's website under Members Resources.

The study is copyrighted by ASA, based in Herndon, VA, with all rights reserved. Any reproduction, storage, or transmission of this publication in any form requires prior written permission from ASA, located at 2121 Cooperative Way, Suite 210, Herndon, VA 20171.