Harnessing Data's Power: IVSC's Game-Changing Perspective on Valuation

March 6, 2024

Discover the profound significance of data as a transformative intangible asset in today's economy. Dive into the latest IVSC Perspectives Paper for a groundbreaking look at the critical role data plays in reshaping industries and driving innovation.

This paper addresses the complex nature of data valuation, emphasizing its critical role as an intangible asset within the modern economy. The paper explores themes including the economic significance of data, the challenges in its valuation, the impact of data on financial reporting, and the practical considerations for valuation professionals.

It provides a structured exploration of how data acquires value, the influence of artificial intelligence on valuation practices, the intricacies of monetizing data while ensuring its protection, and the interplay between data and other intangible assets. The framework presented aligns with the International Valuation Standards (IVS), emphasizing enhanced transparency in disclosing the costs associated with data to improve valuation accuracy.

This Perspectives Paper is designed to support professionals in navigating the valuation landscape of data as an asset, offering an overview of current methodologies and future considerations.

View the complete paper here.

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