ASA and JETNET Join Forces to Enhance Intelligence for Member Aircraft Valuers

March 7, 2024

ASA and JETNET are pleased to announce an industry-leading collaboration to empower ASA-member aircraft valuers with unmatched intelligence derived from independent research.

Professionally-designated ASA members specializing in aircraft appraisal can save approximately 35% off annual subscription list rates for JETNET Marketplace single user license services.

Commenting on the strategic partnership, ASA's Strategic Partnership Officer, John D. Russell, JD, emphasized the importance of staying abreast of the latest market research. He underscored JETNET's role as the perfect partner to deliver this intelligence to ASA members.

Paul Cardarelli, JETNET VP of Sales, echoed this sentiment, stating, “For over three decades, JETNET has curated one of the world's most comprehensive aircraft serial-number-specific databases. This reservoir of research enables aviation professionals, including ASA aircraft valuers, to access precise and timely data tailored to their specific needs.”

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