ASA Announces Dr. Marc A. Genest as Keynote Speaker for 13th Annual Equipment Valuation Conference

March 8, 2024

HERNDON, Va. - Mar. 8, 2024 - ASA announces Dr. Marc A. Genest as keynote speaker for 13th Annual ASA Equipment Valuation Conference, to take place virtually on Sunday, June 2 to Thursday, June 4, 2024.

Dr. Genest, a Forrest Sherman Professor of Public Diplomacy at the US Naval War College, will present on Navigating the New World Order: Challenges and Strategies for America's Global Leadership.

His presentation will address a critical question: Does the United States still have the capability and the will to remain a global superpower? With a keen insight into the evolving international system, he will explore the challenges posed by revisionist powers – China, Russia, and Iran and how these authoritarian regimes are actively seeking to weaken America's influence and reshape the foundations of free trade, democratic governance, and sovereign borders. The analysis provided will focus on the urgent need for the US to confront these threats proactively and will assess the capability and will of the nation to navigate this changed global landscape, emphasizing potential strategies to ensure America's continued leadership and uphold its core principles.

"Geopolitical issues play an ever-increasing role in the global economy. Understanding these risks and their impact on domestic financial and equipment markets is a key component of an appraiser's effectiveness." said planning co-chair Dennis A. Bolton II, ASA.

Michael A. Salvadore Jr, ASA, planning co-chair, echoed these thoughts adding, "Hearing firsthand from leading International experts like Dr. Genest helps professionals understand the big picture, how global hot spots may impact the various specialty asset classes, and how to prepare for the future to service your clients."

To register for the 13th Annual ASA Equipment Valuation Conference visit ASA online at or call (800) 272-8258.

Marc A. Genest, with a Ph.D. from Georgetown University in international politics, brings a wealth of experience as the Forrest Sherman Professor of Public Diplomacy. He served as the founding Co-Director of the Center on Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups at the Naval War College and earned the Commander's Award for Civilian Service for outstanding contributions in Afghanistan. Dr. Genest's expertise spans international relations, military strategy, and public opinion, showcased in his diverse roles on Capitol Hill and as a political commentator for various media outlets.

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