ASA to Shine Spotlight on Property Insurance Essentials in June 6 Webinar for Personal Property Appraisers

April 8, 2024

ASA is pleased to announce the upcoming webinar PP163: Property Insurance Fundamentals: Essential Insights for Appraisers, scheduled for June 6, 2024, from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT.

Led by Thomas Dawson, ASA, this webinar aims to equip personal property appraisers with a solid understanding of the intricacies of property insurance. Participants will gain insights into various types of property insurance policies and the claims process, gaining valuable knowledge to better serve their clients. By unraveling the complexities of the insurance industry, appraisers will learn essential aspects to effectively educate clients on insurance appraisals and communicate efficiently with insurance company representatives. The session will cover pivotal concepts and considerations crucial for navigating property insurance coverage and claims with proficiency.

Peter Held, ASA, Chair of ASA’s Personal Property Discipline Committee, emphasized the pivotal role of property insurance in safeguarding owners against diverse risks and losses. He underscored the significance of appraisers' comprehension of property insurance fundamentals, stressing its importance in delivering accurate insurance valuations, facilitating effective client communication, and providing informed guidance on the value of professional appraisals. Held highlighted the criticality of appraisers' grasp of the claims process, which becomes instrumental during client interactions and dealings with insurance professionals.

Interested individuals can register online at or by contacting (800) 272-8258.