[ASA 2024 Elections] What Qualifies a Great Candidate?

April 28, 2024

Beyond Ambition: Qualifications That
Make a Great Candidate

Your voice matters, and so does the candidate you choose.

As we approach this year's election, it's important to remember that being a great candidate goes beyond just ambition. It's also about having a proven track record of volunteer efforts and experiences that align with your values and goals. 

So today, take a few minutes to review each candidate's biography and answer to the question: 'What qualifies you for this position?' and choose who best represents your vision for ASA.

Meet Your Candidates

Remember, your voice matters, and we encourage you to exercise your right to vote. By participating in the election, you can make a real difference in shaping the future of our organization and profession.



Important notes:


  • Ballots are specific to each voting member's discipline, so make sure to vote for all of the disciplines in which you are eligible.
  • Be sure to add the email addresses noreply@eballot.com and noreply@votenet.com to your safe sender list to receive election ballot notifications.

For more information about the 2024 ASA Elections,
please contact Lissah Michalski at (703) 733-2123 or lmichalski@appraisers.org.