MTS Journal

2023  •  Volume 39  •  Issue 2

This issue features a new white paper approved by the MTSC on the Stabilization of Value, as well as articles on appraising a distribution center, eminent domain, bankruptcy, solar projects, diminution of value, and preparing for a field inspection.
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Articles from this Issue

ASA CEO Update: Why Join ASA?

Remember the reasons why YOU joined ASA? Although every member’s path to membership may be unique there are common reasons why, which primarily focus on education, networking and resources.
PAGE 5 Johnnie White, ASA CEO

Letter From the Discipline Governors

Important information and updates from MTS Discipline Governors.
PAGE 6 Sam Shapiro, ASA, and Ryan Kinahan, ASA, MTS Governors

Letter from the MTSC Chair and MTS Education Update

News from ASA’s Machinery and Technical Specialties (MTS) Committee and updates on MTS classes, conferences and events
PAGE 7 Bill Engel, ASA, President, Strategic Asset Management, & Richard K. Ellsworth, ASA, Chair, MTSC Education Subcommittee

In Memory of Jeremy Cox, ASA

Jeremy Cox was a dear friend, a great appraiser and fellow ASA instructor.
PAGE 9 Rick Berkemeier, ASA

Estimated Normal Useful Life Study: A Refreshed Format and a Sample of Data Specific to Printing and Publication Equipment

Over the years, many machinery and equipment appraisers have referred to the Estimated Normal Useful Life Study prepared by the Machinery and Technical Specialties (MTS) Committee.
PAGE 11 Achin Chugh, ASA, PMG Valuation

Valuation Techniques for Maritime Shipping Containers: Thinking Outside The Box

This article explores the tools, including the latest technology, an MTS appraiser can use to develop appraisals of maritime shipping containers for financial institutions.
PAGE 14 Nollaig Daly, AM, Director, Structured Asset Finance & Leasing, National Australia Bank

Application of BLS Trends in the Cost Approach

The purpose of this article is to discuss the two different producer price indices (PPI) that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides.
PAGE 22 Fernando Sosa, ASA, Director, Machinery & Equipment Valuation Practice, Cushman & Wakefield

Identification of Pleasure Boats

Valuation of pleasure boats is a specialty within the MTS designation. This article presents an overview of pleasure boat marine vessels focusing on the different types of powerboats and sailboats.
PAGE 33 Stephen Knox, ASA, Knox Marine Consultants

Site Value and Utility-Scale Wind Projects

This article provides an overview of the position of wind projects in the renewable energy industry and discusses the importance of site value in the decision-making process for redevelopment of existing utility-scale wind projects.
PAGE 40 Richard K. Ellsworth, ASA

How Technology Affects the Gear Machine Market: Specifically Gear Hobbers and Shapers

This article briefly describes the history of gears and discusses how newer gear technology lowers values for older technology, especially gear hobbers and shapers.
PAGE 44 Alec Story, ASA

Deductive versus Inductive Reasoning in Equipment Appraisal

How might MTS appraisers use or consider deductive or inductive reasoning in an appraisal review assignment? Appraisals depend upon logical arguments, which often involve deductive and inductive reasoning.
PAGE 48 Charlie Dixon, ASA, Principal/Owner, CD Valuation Services

USPAP Myths and Realities

Feeling overwhelmed by Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice? This article discusses the importance of approaching and appreciating USPAP without being browbeaten by the USPAP Police or daunted by the its apparent complexity.
PAGE 51 Tim Roy, ASA, Senior Appraiser, Capitale Analytics

Best Practices for Economic Obsolescence Measurement: Part One

This article focuses on the identification and measurement of economic obsolescence when using the cost approach to appraise special-purpose industrial and commercial machinery and equipment (M&E).
PAGE 56 Robert F. Reilly, ASA, Managing Director, Willamette Management Associates