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October 8, 2023

Spotlighting why to support ASA’s Educational Foundation.

ASA’s Educational Foundation plays a critical role in carrying on educational research and charitable activities related to the advancement of the appraisal profession. This includes providing grants to aspiring appraisers. To help illustrate the difference the organization makes a series of videos were produced featuring testimonials from recipients.

Below are transcripts from the video stories of these three individuals.

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John Henley (PP)

Hi, I'm John Henley. I live and practice in Portland, Oregon. My specialty is books and man scripts and archives, and I have been with ASA since 2008. But I've done appraisals going all the way back to the 1980s. I've been in the book business in some sense since I was a teenager in the 1960s, and so valuation has always been part of my job because people are always asking me, what's this worth? In 2008, the book business tanked, and one of the casualties was my business. So, I found myself unemployed. And to make matters worse, the bookstore that I owned part of caught fire and burned own when nobody was there watching. I was in my mid-fifties and I had no prospects. Who's going to hire a used bookseller? Well, here I was, the manager of the buying used book buying and rare book buying at just I started ended up doing a lot of appraisals just because there's nobody else. Now, it just so happened that one of my clients was Senator Mark Hatfield from Oregon. Asked the senator, I said, could you do me a favor and call some of your friends and ask them which organization they would recommend? So, he did, and then he got back to me, and he said all of his friends in the House of Representatives said flat out, the American Society of Appraisers is the one to join. And I said, why? And they said, Higher standards of education. And so, you're going to get the best quality education. A fellow by the name of Patrick Ila, who appraises personal property in Los Angeles, took interest in me and he said, well, when are you going to get your accreditation? I said, well, I don't know, I don't have any money. And he said, well, you know, you can get grants, I got a grant. And my education for all four POV courses was paid for by the foundation. Well, those courses changed my life. Those courses changed my professional and personal life. At the courses, I made friends for life. I'm not kidding people who now I will say, are some of my very best friends I met in that course. I also met the amazing professors Sandy Patty, the late Edie Yeoman's and Fran Zieman, many of whom, everybody I met at that has now a dear friend for life. And I've worked with all of them, professionally and non-professionally, just pal around. What did the ASA Educational Foundation can do for me? Well, it made my accreditation possible. Educational foundation changes lives, and it changes lives for the better.

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Lily Yu (PP)

My name is Lily Yu and I am a personal property appraiser. I am a candidate member for the USA.I live in San Francisco. I work primarily in California, but I love to travel, and I will not turn down any assignments to work anywhere in the world, wherever I'm needed. I first came to the valuation profession through my clients. I've been an art advisor for over ten years, and it was my client’s needs that pushed me to become an appraiser. It was not a difficult choice to make. It was actually the natural choice to make and a natural progression. And I'm really glad that I've gone down this path. What is great about ASA training is that it is not just a how-to, it's not just a training. And then they let you go and say good luck. No, they are with you. The organization is with you. There's so much value in the POV principles, evaluation of courses, but it's so much more than just learning how to research and write a report. Joining the ASA has connected me to a whole world of specialists and who are there to support me and to help me be the best appraiser that I can be. I am so grateful to the Education Foundation that has given me so much, that has given me the training and the support I need to be an excellent art appraiser. I love that I feel like my work and my time is going towards a very worthwhile organization that helps so many people. I am so proud to be a part of the ASA.

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Lucas Pasqualini de Lima (BV)

I went to specialize myself a little further in minority and noncontrolling value. We don't have many guidelines and institutions in Brazil that we can study with. So I believe the ASA is one of the best places I can go to. I started working as an intern and ASA was always a guideline. I always knew ASA since I started working. He offered courses that I could continue studying with them to gain further knowledge. And I realized that a few months ago, right before coming to Miami. That's when I saw the opportunity to be closer not only to ASA but that people who work for ASA and who are ASA accredited members. So that's when I got more involved with the ASA as well. One simple course would cost like five to six minimum salaries in Brazil. So it can be very expensive for us to pay for this kind. Of course, ASAEF gives the opportunity to people that usually couldn't afford to do a course like that to get access to this kind of schooling, being part of the ASA, doing all the classes with the ASA. When I go back to Brazil, I'll be able to share this content with all the people that I work for, I work with, and I'll be able to disseminate the knowledge with them. And also I believe it will be a trigger for many people that want to get continuous education to look for this kind of thing, to look outside of Brazil, to world-class courses and to gain further knowledge and to improve our market. Because it's a very young market yet and it's improving every day, it's growing every day. And I believe it's not only for personal growth, for professional growth, it's also for personal growth. You get to meet a lot of people that share interests with you, but not only working know, after all, everybody's a person, it's not only professional, so you get to meet a lot of people as well. So it's been great for me to being close to the ASA.

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ASAʼs Educational Foundation (ASAEF) is a separate, nonprofit corporation established by ASA and chartered in 1967. The mission of the ASAEF is to carry on educational research and charitable activities related to the advancement of the appraisal profession. ASAEF is exempt from income tax as a 501(c)3 organization; thus, contributions are deductible as charitable contributions. The foundation is managed by a board of directors, four of whom serve as officers. The directors are appointed by ASAʼs Board of Governors and sit as trustees but have no other legal connection with ASAEF, which manages its affairs independently of ASA. The foundation is supported by contributions and proceeds from its annual silent auction.