2023 ASA International Conference Wrap-Up

October 26, 2023

ASA recently held its 85th annual International Conference on October 1-3, 2023, offering a hybrid format for all disciplines, both in New Orleans, LA at Sheraton New Orleans, and online. In keeping the tradition of providing the highest-level of education for appraisal experts, this year’s conference featured more than 75 sessions of the most comprehensive educational programming available taught by preeminent thought-leaders from all appraisal disciplines.

Preceding the conference on September 30th, ASA CEO, Johnnie White, joined members for a golf outing, followed by a chapter leadership training that afternoon.

The official 2023 ASA International Conference kicked off Sunday, October 1st with a Welcome Reception, which included hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, allowing attendees to get to know one another and network prior to the start of sessions on Sunday.

Monday was the first full day of the conference with introductions and welcoming remarks from ASA’s International President Garrett Schwartz.

Next, Johnnie White, ASA’s CEO, spoke and then invited Conference Keynote Sponsor, Ariel Fischman, CEO at 414 Capital, to the stage to introduce keynote speaker, Nick Talbot.

Nick Talbot then discussed: “Attempting Everest the Harder Way”.

Following the keynote presentation, attendees adjourned to the appropriate specialized educational track they chose.

The first educational sessions of the day included Mistakes to Avoid in Litigation Appraisal with Charles Blau, ASA; Valuations in a High Inflation Environment: Update on Cost of Capital Assumptions by Carla Nunes and James Harrington; Appraising Food Processing Equipment: A Case Study by Carlos Lavin, ASA;  The Beginning and Evolution of Valuation Around the World presented by Ivo Kostov; and Repair and Alteration to Jewels and Their Effect on Value with Duncan Parker.

Following the first networking break, the next round of sessions included: Succession Planning for Appraisers presented by Tyler Arbour, William Tomlinson, Jack Beckwith, ASA, and Charles Dixon, ASA; Introduction to Business Valuation by Casey Karlsen, ASA, and Seth Webber, ASA; The History of Design: Symbolism in Jewelry by Sindi Schloss; Beyond the Obvious: A Panel Discussion with Susan Golashovsky, FASA, Fran Zeman, FASA, Darcy Tell, ASA, and Liza Hickey, ASA; Aviation Ground Support Equipment Industry - Ready for Takeoff by Alex Steele, ASA, and Brandon Steele, ASA; Fundamentals of Equity Compensation by Josh Schaeffer as well as session: SAFE Investments: Anything but Simple presented by Marina Kagan and Amir Alerasoul

The afternoon got under way with ASA’s Annual International Awards Luncheon. ASA International President Garrett Schwartz, ASA presented the following awards:

ASA's Rising Star Awards were given to: Tom Keesey, ASA, Cazmier Tymoch, ASA, Lauren Walter, ASA, Johanna Crowley, ASA, Joseph Joyce, ASA, Melissa Sachs, ASA, and Josia Hippolyte, ASA.

ASA's Chapter Education Event Award was presented to the International Virtual Chapter and The Chapter Member was given to Fernando Sosa, ASA.

Next Schwartz announced the Real Property Awards winners. The Real Property Paul Wetzel Award was given to Mike Pratt, ASA, the Real Property Educator of the Year Award was given to Mike Lange, Jr., ASA, and the Real Property Appraiser of the Year award was given to Robert Solotist, ASA.

After a brief break, the awards then continued with The Jerry Larkins Volunteer Service Award given to Michael Salvadore, Jr. , ASA and The Sylvia Wade Olson Award of Merit went to ASA’s Education Manager, BV/GJ, Nathaly Alcocer.

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients, Jack Beckwith, ASA, Charles Carmona, ASA, Roger Grabowski, FASA, Robert Schlegel, FASA, and Nancy Stacy, ASA were then recognized; followed by ASA’s Shannon Pratt Award, which was awarded to Jay E. Fishman, FASA.

ASA's College of Fellows granted Fellowships to William Engel and Douglas Krieser.

Next, ASA CEO Johnnie White announced the the Appraiser of the Year award, which went to: Analee McClellan and Garrett Schwartz, ASA.

Following the awards presentation, Schwartz recognized current Past ASA President Richard Berkemeier, as well as other past Presidents and the Board of Governors.

After lunch, sessions touched on topics of: It's Not A Discount Study, It's An Appraisal with Bruce Johnson, ASA; How the Hypothetical Buyer Assumption is a Determinate of Business Value presented by Kevin Zanni, ASA; Indirect Costs by Raymond Springer, ASA; Katherine Choy: 1950s Radical Potter at Newcomb in New Orleans with Mel Buchanan; Jewelry as Art with Carole Richbourg, ASA; Supporting Residential Appraisal Adjustments presented by Jason Tillema, ASA; as well as Understanding the Ad Valorem Market with Mike Pratt, ASA and Richard Conti, ASA

The conference also included presentations on: Introduction to ESOP Valuation by Eric Dollin, ASA, and Hillary Hughes, ASA; Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuation Update with Antonella Puca and Justin Kuczmarksi; Appraising Heat Treat Furnaces & Ovens by John Bouley; The Market for Louisiana Art: Two Decades in Review by Amanda Winstead; Modernizing Gemology: Applications of Basic Spectroscopy Techniques in Everyday's Gem Laboratory Practice with Alberto Scarani; Appraisal Institute Practical Applications of Real Estate Appraisal (AI PAREA) by Ray Martinez as well as The Daubert Challenge presented by David Bolls.

After attendees continued to network and visit a variety of exhibitor booths, our presentations of the day concluded with: Expert and Attorney Insights: A Litigation Panel Discussion with Karl Schwabauer, Asif Charania, ASA, and Matt Woolf; Personal Goodwill in Mergers & Acquisitions: An Integrated Theory presented by Brent SloanAn Offsite Tour of Laitram Machinery; Blockage, FMV Rental Rates & Fractional Ownership with Charles Rosoff, ASA, Mark Campbell, ASA, and Garrett Schwartz, ASA; Precious Metal Hallmarks: Identification, Verification, Location and Dating by Danusia Niklewicz, ASA, and William Whetstone; Statistics and Statistical Fallacies in Appraisal Practice by Mark Shirley and Necessary Preparation for Depositions and Key Distinctions Between Deposition and Trial Testimony Presented by Ed Kainen.

After a day full of networking and impressive educational productions, day 1 of the 2023 ASA International Conference came to end with the Rising Stars exclusive happy hour sponsored by Borrowman Baker, LLC and Business Valuation Resources.

Moving on to the final day of the 2023 ASA International Conference, educational sessions began immediately after the Continental Breakfast, namely: Estimating Growth Rates and Valuation with Roger Grabowski, FASA; Buyer's Premium and the Appraiser presented by Charles Dixon, ASA; Inherited Land: Cracking the Code Using Archival Records presented by Beryl Hunter Lewis; State of the Jewelry Industry: Facts, Figures and Future by Harold Dupuy; Protecting Yourself from Complaints by Isaac Peck as well as Post Pandemic Reality: Working in Remote Teams with Carlos Lavin, ASA, and Natalia Szubbocsev.

The morning sessions also included: Evaluating the IRS's Estate and Gift Tax Target List: An In-Depth Review of Recent Valuation Cases by Marissa Pepe Turrell, ASA, and Stephanie Loomis-Price; Interaction of Intangible and Tangible Asset Valuations presented by Justin Burgess, and Kurt Huie, ASA; Plastic Recycling and the Circular Economy by David Pietig, ASA and Alan Clarke; Navigating the Secondary American Craft Market Through the Lens of Objects: USA (1969) with James Zemaitis; Lab-Grown Diamonds: Screening Challenges by Guy Borenstein; as well as Determination of Value in Bankruptcy Proceedings with Christopher Caplinger.

Following the all-discipline network break, we had: The DLOM: Beyond Option Pricing Models with Sarah von HelfensteinTop 10 Divorce Valuation Hot Topics by Ken Pia, ASA, Jay Fishman, FASA, and Michael Mosberg; THE PERFECT STORM...Convergence of Inflation, Climate Risk and Social Inflation by Peter Jagger, Kevin Madden, Brian Valery, and Ed Mazman; Confronting Documentation Gaps in the Legacies of Black Artists by Jennifer Mass, Douglas Bort, and Renée Vara; Hallmarks Around the World, an Advanced Session with Danusia Niklewicz, ASA, and William Whetstone as well as From Horror Movie to Legal Drama - Limiting your Liability by Jeffrey Rauland, ASA.

As the day approached lunchtime, our business valuation group branched off to their exclusive luncheon, as all other attendees were able to grab a bite and continued networking and checking out our exhibitor and sponsor tables.

Afternoon sessions started with: Preview of Proposed Revisions to IVS by Alexander Aronsohn; Customer Concentration: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly with Robert Schlegel, FASA, and Mike, Hill, FASA; What's Trending with Trends by Joshua Abbey, ASA; A Gumbo of Goods: New Orleans Craftsmen and Retailers featuring Lydia Blackmore; Evaluating Jadeite by Jeff Mason; Understanding Fannie Mae Collateral Underwriter (CU) for Residential Real Estate Appraisers by William Temple, ASA, and Byron Miller; as well as Understanding the Other Disciplines' Languages with Gary Trugman, FASA.

During the break, attendees continued to network with one another while participating in ASA’s annual Educational Foundation auction. In lieu of the traditional live auction, the ASA Educational Foundation had launched its auction online, offering both in person and virtual attendees to take advantage of bidding simultaneously. This event offered a fresh and innovative experience with 31 unique items being donated. Participants enjoyed bidding both from the ease of their computer or live in New Orleans, while supporting a great cause.

Next we had Buy/Sell and Operating Agreements: Their Impact on BV by Jeffrey Tarbell, ASA, and Riley Busenlener, ASA; Be Our Guest: Key Valuation Considerations for the Hospitality Industry with Vanessa Claiborne, ASA, and Barry Cunningham, ASA; Appraisal Panel with Douglas Krieser, ASA, Tim Roy, ASA, and Adrian Galis, ASA; Seeing Through Paintings by Rustin Levenson; as well as Origin Determination for Colored Stones: (Why) Does It Matter? presented by Aaron Palke; and $80 billion and 87,000 Additional IRS Employees and Valuation with Michael Gregory, ASA.

Following the final session change of the day, the 2023 ASA International Conference closed with sessions including: How Can Valuation Professionals Play a Role in the Future of ESG by Adam Smith, ASA, and Carla Nunes; What the Pharma? A Closer Look at Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharmaceutical Equipment by Joseph Joyce, ASA; The Do's and Don'ts of Charitable Contributions with John Russell and Sandie Tropper, FASA; From Madagascar with Love with John Ferry; Using AVMS if YOU Dare presented by Robert Schlegel, FASA and Byron Miller; and lastly, Federally Regulated Transactions and USPAP with Raymond Rath, FASA, Carla Glass, FASA, and Michael Evans, FASA.

The 85th Annual ASA International Conference was a memorable experience with forward-thinking discussions that won’t be forgotten by attendees.

ASA would like to thank the conference sponsors: 414 Capital, Suncorp Valuations, OREP, John Moran Auctioneers & Appraisers, Borrowman Baker LLC, Business Valuation Resources, Knowcraft Analytics, Tagnifi, and Knight Frank.

We would also like to thank our supporting sponsors & exhibitors: Quantum Leap, Peter Held Art Appraisals & Associates, LLC, IAAO, Mynarski International Valuation, Heritage Auctions, Kroll LLC, Appraisals International, Doyle Auctioneers & Appraisers, Value Analytics, Harry Davis & Company, Windy Street, and ASA's Houston Chapter; as well as our media partners: Business Valuation Review®, the ARM e-Journal, and the MTS Journal.

ASA extends another thank you to the planning committee and advisors for all their hard work and support; Terri Lastovka, ASA, Tracy Aros, ASA, William M. Engel, ASA, Peter Held, ASA, Jaclyn Franks, ASA, Jamie Allen, ASA, Lisa Meinczinger, Ken Pia, ASA, Nene Gianfala, ASA, Laurie-Leigh White, ASA, Todd Larson, ASA, Jeff Tarbell, ASA; as well Conference Chair, Garrett Schwartz, ASA

Lastly, a thank you to everyone who participated; for making this year’s conference as fun, educational, and successful as it was.

To see photos of the 2023 ASA International Conference, click here.

Save the Date! Make plans to attend the 2024 ASA International Conference September 15-17, 2024 – Portland, Oregon & Online!