Ten Compelling Reasons for Appraisers to Undergo Deposition Training

November 9, 2023
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Why attending ASA’s MD114 How to Excel at Your Expert Witness Deposition December 6, 2023 course is a must for appraisers from all disciplines.

By: Jack Young, ASA, ARM

In the course of their careers, all appraisers will likely find themselves in situations where they need to defend their valuation conclusions. These situations can range from inquiries by clients or advisors to formal disputes with insurance companies or lending institutions. To successfully navigate these challenges and mitigate risks, advanced training and continuous professional development are vital. Here, we outline ten compelling reasons why every appraiser should consider training in deposition techniques:

  1. Legal Requirement: Legal cases often demand the testimony of appraisers as expert witnesses, making deposition training essential to fulfill legal obligations.
  2. Enhanced Credibility: Training elevates an appraiser's professionalism and enhances their credibility in the eyes of the court, clients, and peers.
  3. Effective Communication: Depositions require appraisers to communicate their findings and opinions clearly and persuasively, a skill that is honed through training.
  4. Mastery of Legal Terminology: Appraisers must navigate complex legal terminology during depositions, and training equips them with the necessary language skills.
  5. Handling Challenges: Expert witness deposition training prepares appraisers to respond effectively to cross-examination and challenges from opposing parties.
  6. Maintaining Objectivity: Training reinforces the appraiser's commitment to objectivity and impartiality, which is crucial for upholding professional standards.
  7. Legal and Ethical Compliance: Appraisers must understand and fulfill their legal and ethical responsibilities when providing expert testimony, and training ensures compliance.
  8. Risk Mitigation: Mistakes during deposition can have adverse consequences for both the appraiser and their clients. Training minimizes the risk of errors, discrediting, and legal challenges.
  9. Improved Outcomes: Well-prepared appraisers significantly contribute to the success of their clients' cases, making training essential for achieving positive results.
  10. Professional Development: Expert witness deposition training is an investment in an appraiser's professional development and long-term success, equipping them with essential skills for their career.

Incorporating these ten reasons into your practice can help you excel as an appraiser when it comes to giving depositions. ASA and SEAK, leaders in the valuation and expert witness training fields, recognize the importance of deposition training and have come together to offer a unique virtual training session: "MD114 - How To Excel at Your Expert Witness Deposition," to be held online on Wednesday, December 6, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET.

The topics covered in the training session include:

  • Deposition Law and Procedure
  • Understanding Opposing Counsel’s Strategies and Goals
  • How to Improve Your Active Listening Skills
  • How to Leave Yourself Wiggle Room
  • Deposition Strategies for Expert Witnesses
  • Core Areas of Inquiry
  • Video Depositions
  • Expert Witness Deposition Preparation Protocol
  • Final Course Questions & Answers

The training will be provided by Senior SEAK Trainer and Consultant, Nadine Donovan, Esq. Registration for this invaluable event is available online at https://bit.ly/47igr0v or by calling (800) 272-8258.

Looking for additional advanced training options? Consider ASA’s AR202 – Litigation Services virtual course, January 23-February 9, 2024.

Jack Young, ASA, ARM, CPA, is a machinery and equipment appraiser with NorCal Valuation, Inc. He holds the designation of Accredited Senior Appraiser in Machinery and Technical Specialties and has an Appraisal Review and Management (ARM) designation in the MTS specialty. Jack is an active member of ASA, with a distinguished track record including roles as the Current ARM Discipline Governor and Past Chair of the ARM Discipline Committee and past editor of the ARM E-Journal. He was also recognized as ASA's 2021-2022 Appraiser of the Year. In addition to his work with family law and litigation attorneys, Jack has served as a court-appointed expert in CA Section 2000 cases and has often acted as a jointly retained expert in family law cases.