New Year–New Policy Appraisal

January 7, 2024

An expert’s view on why your health insurance policy should be appraised by a professional.

Editor’s Note: The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to have your health insurance policy reviewed by a professional. To learn why ASA sat down with Chad M. Thompson of Thompson Benefits & Enrollment Group, LLC, an ASA member benefit partner.

ASA: Why and how often should a sole practitioner have their health insurance policy “appraised” aka reviewed by a benefits expert?

Thompson: At least once a year and with any life event such as marriage, birth, employment change, etc.

ASA: What would such an appraisal or review look at and cover?

Thompson: Two primary areas:

  1. To be sure the coverage and premiums are appropriate to the needs and budget of the family/company.
  2. To see what new options may be available on the market to better fit their needs or save them money.

ASA: What new trends are you seeing in health insurance policies for sole practitioners?

Thompson: As Healthcare costs continue to rise, many individuals and companies are looking for alternative Health coverage that fits their needs but doesn’t break the bank in the process.

ASA: How can Thompson help ASA members save on health insurance?

Thompson: We specialize in providing alternative health plans to small businesses and individuals that cover their needs and are very affordable. Most of our plans have a $0 deductible so it’s something people can afford to use rather than having to meet a high deductible before their medical coverage kicks in.

ASA: How is Thompson uniquely different than other brokers?

Thompson: Simple. We love small groups and individuals rather than large groups. We actually can make a huge positive impact on the future of their companies by being able to attract and retain quality employees. Our group health plans only need two employees enrolled. NO minimum employer contribution requirement. ACA compliant. $0 deductible. Can be implemented any time of year.

ASA: How can ASA members get started?

Thompson: Members can reach out directly by phone at 1-800-916-1208, e-mail at, or visit our website at