ASAʼs NEW Podcast Series

A look at the Human Side of the Appraisal Profession

You can now take in stories of value while you're on the go! ASAʼs new podcast series highlights remarkable stories and exclusive conversations with industry leaders and valuation professionals. Tune in regularly for the latest episodes hosted by ASAʼs Strategic Partnership Officer, John Russell.

Listen below any time, right from your computer or device. 



Episode 1: Chris Mercer, FASA takes us on a journey, showing how the application of valuation principles can work in reverse, and help businesses grow. A great example of outside-the-box use of your appraisal expertise, listen as Chris talks about expanding his practice. Click on the Play button below to listen.  
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Episode 2: Appraisers are, first and foremost, problem solvers. Join Al Cerone, ASA, as he talks about a highly unique problem he was tasked with solving on an undisclosed Caribbean island, and how thinking creatively was essential. Click the Play button below to listen.

Episode 3: Learn from Michael Gregory, ASA, as he shares insights from years of service to the Internal Revenue Service. Hear Mike discuss how best to achieve positive outcomes when dealing with IRS staff, especially those who present challenges. Click on the Play button below to listen.
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Episode 4:
Jack Young, ASA, sees it all in Northern California—especially how people can act over property at a difficult time in their life. Join Jack as he shares some of his experiences, and see how sometimes it’s the people who are the greatest challenge in appraisal practice.  Click the Play button below to listen.

Episode 5: A captivating episode, Joel Forman, ASA, talks about his collection of Nazi-era concentration camp currency, and the story that it tells about the depths of the Holocaust. A truly unique and gripping perspective on how something so little can tell so much about history. Click on the Play button below to listen.


Interview: Johnnie White, CEO of American Society of Appraisers talks with Herb Cohen on Executive Leaders Radio about how his upbringing and family relationships have given him the tools to continue to steer ASA as the #1 Appraiser Organization.